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Wellers Acai natural berry 30 pcs

Wellers Acai natural berry 30 pcs
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Acai Berry is one of healthiest berries you will ever find. Acai Berry is an indigenous berry
found in the rain forests  of the Amazon and even richer in antioxidants than blue berries.
Reserch reveals this antioxidant-rich berry may help suppress and repair oxidative damage.
This fruit has been heralded for centries as following benefits;
-promotes heart health
-resists harmful organisms
-aids weight loss
-promotes skin health
-helps digestion
-reduces irritation
-improve cellular health
-immune system booster
-has anti-aging effect
-booster energy
-encourages a healthy Libido
-improve mental function
We newly developed this health drink, 'Acai Berry' for from children to grandparents. 

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